Posted on 16 August 2011

Creating my itinerary around the world was harder than it seems, first of all 'cause I wanted to go pretty much everywhere, but time (and funds!) were limited, but also 'cause rtw tickets have tons of rules I normally found out about just when I thought I had finally managed to create the perfect itinerary - only to start all over again! So... after several days checking out world maps, online airline schedules, and weather patterns at all possible latitudes, this is what came out:


8 september 2003: TURIN - LONDON. I bought my ticket in the uk, where it was 600 euros cheaper than in italy. A final goodbye to friends living in london, the last pint in the local pub, and the adventure can start!

10 september: LONDON - DELHI. first stop, northern india: forts, temples, the desert, the taj mahal, and varanasi, the holy city. Then, a long bus ride to nepal for some sightseeing in the kathmandu valley, a wonderful trek around the annapurna, and some well-deserved rest&recovery on pokhara lake with the new friends met during the trek.

5 november: DELHI - HONG KONG. back to delhi to get yet another round of food poisoning, and to catch the next flight: a couple of days in hong kong and macau before heading to south east asia.

9 november: HONG KONG - BANGKOK. bangkok: the starting point of my loop around laos, vietnam and cambodia, before making my way down through malaysia and to singapore. Then it's time to change continents: bye bye temples, tuk tuks and banana pancakes... oceania here I come!

27 january 2004: SINGAPORE - DARWIN. a quick stop in northern australia to visit kakadu national park. 5 days among crocodiles, waterfalls and aboriginal rock paintings before heading to the outback, the aussie version of a desert.

1 february: DARWIN - ALICE SPRINGS. ayers rock, kings canyon, the olgas... a fascinating stop in the red centre, camping in the desert, and drinking victoria bitter before falling a sleep in our "swags" around the campfire.

7 february: AYERS ROCK - CAIRNS. the east coast, backpackers' haven, and hell for whoever is not either on the piss or on the pull. Loved the barrier reef, fraser island, the blue mountains, melbourne... everything else, I hope I'll see it again with more time, more money, more sunshine and fewer british teenagers.

6 march: MELBOURNE - CHRISTCHURCH. new zealand: wonderful! Cycling and camping in the south island, skydiving in the north island...

2 april: AUCKLAND - SANTIAGO - PUNTA ARENAS. south america, finally! A bit worried before getting there, but a few hours later I was already speaking spanish and scoffing down dulce de leche in a hostel on the magellan strait, before venturing to breathtaking patagonia.

20 april: PUNTA ARENAS - PUERTO MONTT. the lake district, not that south american-looking (more swiss alps-looking), but full of great people, fantastic hostels and amazing food... basically a week spent eating and drinking, it's a hard life on the road you know...

28 april: PUERTO MONTT - SANTIAGO. back to santiago for the final part of the trip, overland through northern chile, bolivia and peru: loved the atacama desert, the uyuni salt flats, lake titicaca, and cuzco - wonderful place 3600m above sea level and gateway to machu picchu, the sacred city of the incas, and then it's time to get to lima for the flight home...

4 june: LIMA - MADRID - TURIN. it has been 9 incredible months, but now it's time to go home! Can't wait to see my friends, shower without flip flops, and have more than 3 t-shirts to choose from! I'm bringing bring back loads of wonderful memories, and a wishlist of places to see that got longer instead of shorter! Time to leave again soon?

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